World Soccer Shop Presents - “23” - Project Manager

Objective :

Bring together key influencers from different creative fields through the common interest of soccer.
Identify ideas to improve awareness of soccer in each individual’s respective field by having an open discussion over dinner.

Role :

1. Find sponsors and affiliate partners for support financially and/or through product.

2. Identify and invite key influencers in a wide range of fields that contributes to the conversation of moving soccer forward culturally.

3. Commission artists and creatives for special activations during event. (Stash, Kevin Lyons, Nate van Hook, colette)

4. Set up and build out space.

“Taking place in Paris during the Euro 2016, the Nike showroom located just down the street from the Arc de Triomphe was met with friends from a wide spectrum–former pro footballers, tastemakers, representatives from some of the sickest brands and other people like us who want to show their love of football while still remaining true to themselves.

Everyone in attendance was treated to the red carpet treatment thanks to our partners from Incase and Jason Markk and our close friends at Nike and World Soccer Shop. The finest food was provided but the real highlight of the evening was the interaction of people from Los Angeles to Paris, Sydney to London and everywhere in between.”