F.C. Dorsum

Identity / Creative Direction / Product

This brand is the brainchild of Co-Founder, John Qudoe Lee and I. As Co-Founder / Marketing Director, I helped design the brand identity as well as the product by finding inspiring stories scattered throughout the history of Football.

"FC Dorsum is a fictional club, playing in the conceptualized Ipsum league.

The club name derives from the dorsum muscle, located on the top of the foot. To produce a shot with power, the ball must be hit through the "laces" which is located right above the dorsum muscle on a soccer boot.
FC Dorsum aims to make a powerful impact in the world of global football and fashion alike.

Our club crest comes from the Dorsum, a genus of moths. We found the moth fitting as our club mascot because of the parallel to players and fans attracted to the bright lights of match day. The five stars stand for the five week life expectancy of a moth, which encompasses the journey of a footballer and plethora of fashion brands being created. Every player/brand is expected to treat their opportunities as if it were their last.  

The club colors represent midnight, a time period where moths show their presence.
It also represents the unity of our supporters, who are with us during our darkest defeats, and our brightest victories. 

There is no night without stars."


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